Brand Ambassadors

We are extremely thankful to our Brand Ambassadors. They are doing some great stuff for the industry and supporting the #GetKidsintoSurvey initiative within their local community. They help us to spread the word, share our values, and bring the geospatial industry together! Click the regions on the map below to find one near you:

What do our Brand Ambassadors do?

They do good stuff for the industry and support the #GetKidsintoSurvey initiative within their local community, spreading the word and bringing the geospatial industry together!

Check out our Brand Ambassador Directory above. Click on the region to find an ambassador in your country.

Anyone can become a Brand Ambassador – all you need is a passion for the industry and for educating the next generation. If you would like to support us in our mission you can sign up online.

Get to know our ambassadors

Captain Alice here from Mini Map-Makers!

I am a Cartographer – otherwise known as a Map Maker! I use the data and information created by all this survey equipment you see on the posters to make my maps! The world around us is changing so much, so I have to keep up to date and keep the surveyors busy!

I love being a Get Kids into Survey Brand Ambassador and have appeared in six of the posters! Very exciting when you know you will be seen by children all around the world!

I visit schools and groups around Great Britain and I give out the posters to the children! They love the questions and the fun characters! What a great way to see what people do for jobs!

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