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Join Maddison, Miles. Setsuko and Kwame on a time-splitting adventure to a future on the brink of total chaos – a future without geo surveyors!

Taking control of four hi-tech mechs, the team tackles landslides, runaway trains, Antarctic squid, an urban inferno, and an evil businessman who seems to want to get rid of geo surveyors for good! Will the squad save their crumbling city – and then the world? There’s only one way to find out!

Read the first chapter of the GeoSquad comic now and discover Middletown 2049, the surveyor-less city.

What would a world without surveyors look like? We delve into the world of surveying and geospatial tech as four kids of present day battle with the future consequences of this dying industry. This comic doesn’t just tell an exciting tale about our four heroes but it teaches kids and parents alike the importance of the surveying industry and why it’s something we as a world nation should know more about.

Set up with their VR headsets and embodied in their super mechs, the adventure begins. GeoSquad waste no time putting their mechs’ super surveying equipment to good use. They straighten and stack skyscrapers, re-route roads and fix floors, sift sewer sludge, and even save stuck kittens from tall trees. ‘MIDDLETOWN GOES MAD FOR MARVELLOUS MECHS!’ the news announces. It’s a great start. However, trouble is brewing back in their own time.

Will they shake off the school bully? Not forgetting all of the challenges in both present and future Middletown that they face. Nothing is plane sailing for these 4!


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The Stars of the Geo Squad

Miles, Setsuko, Kwame & Maddison
Miles Darwood
The Racing Techspert

Miles Darwood

Miles has been gaming since his thumbs could wiggle a joystick. If he’s not in the middle of a real or virtual race, you can find him rebuilding either his gaming PC, or his custom go-kart. Miles prefers to talk via text, and is currently perfecting the ability to communicate solely in emojis. His specialist areas include coding, gaming, and driving anything with a motor – especially drones.

Setsuko Tanaka
The Eco Warrior

Setsuko Tanaka

Setsuko is an ecology and environmental expert: she loves the outdoors so much she abandoned her bedroom aged seven, preferring to sleep in a tent in her back yard. Through her activism and online fundraising, she has managed to save nearly a million acres of forest, seven endangered species, and one local park – the home of her favourite climbing tree.

Kwame Orumo
The Mathsplorer

Kwame Orumo

Kwame is obsessed with all things ancient and buried. While he usually lives by the ‘Three Bs’: bowtie, belt and braces, you are just as likely to find him armpit deep in dirt at an archaeological dig, as you are to catch him in his favourite chair, with a steaming cup of tea and a mound of mega-hard mathematical equations to solve. Kwame keeps at least three calculators on him at all times: he has a habit of wearing them out.

Maddison Williams
The Extreme Marine Specialist

Maddison Williams

Maddison enjoys climbing, swimming, and music so loud it’s usually described by her parents as sounding like ‘a catfight in a bomb factory’. She does not enjoy rules… any of them. She’s broken seven bones in her life – but she’s also climbed eight mountains, so as far as Maddy’s concerned, she’s winning by one. If she’s not scaling a cliff face, you’ll find Maddison in the sea, as she adores all things aquatic.

Read the first chapter here

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