Big things have small beginnings…

Get Kids into Survey began in 2017 by Elaine Ball Ltd with the creation of the first GKiS poster – a fun resource for the survey community to share with their children in order to help them understand what their parents did at work.

The response from industry members was so overwhelmingly encouraging that, just two years later, we have a whole range of survey posters in production, and we have distributed over 60,000 copies globally – a third of which were sent to the United States, with posters mailed to every state! And that’s not all…

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be”

Since its inception, the already highly-acclaimed Get Kids into Survey project has expanded rapidly. It now includes:

An online hub of resources for young surveyors and educators

 ‘SurveyFest’ events where pupils can try out geospatial tech and meet surveyors

The GKiS Education Fund, which raises money to support ambassadors, school visits and more

The GeoSquad Comic – an action-packed, illustrated introduction to the world of survey

“Education is our passport to the future”

As the Get Kids into Survey community expands globally through its network of sponsors and Brand Ambassadors, the project will grow to include full programmes of work for educators, scholarship schemes, and a raft of resources that will inspire the next generation of surveyors. As part of our continuing mission to secure the future of the survey industry.

We will strive to:

  • Provide education on everything Geospatial, including different areas of surveying, equipment, solutions and jobs.
  • Nurture and grow our community and our Brand Ambassadors
  • Work with and educate teachers
  • Partner with survey associations, like-minded individuals and companies around the world
  • Offer scholarship schemes globally

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How can you help?

… By becoming a Sponsor or Brand Ambassador! Anyone can become a Brand Ambassador – doing good stuff for the industry and supporting the #GetKidsintoSurvey initiative within their local community. Spread the word and bring the geospatial industry together! Check out our Brand Ambassador Directory for a who’s who, and take a look at our dedicated surveyor area for more information about what’s going on in the world of Get Kids into Survey.

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