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If your company care about the future of our industry, we urge you to contribute towards some educational resources…

We help geospatial experts and surveying companies raise the profile of their brand, whilst helping to educate future generations (WIN-WIN)! If you’ve read about us, you’ll know that GKiS can’t succeed without the support of the surveying community. So, we’re asking for your help. 


NEW for 2024 after a long break, the return of our geospatial themed posters...

Summer 2024


receive your own cartoon character, box of posters, social media coverage and blog



Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posters with GKiS. We have lots of ideas on the horizon!

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Please note the cost of printing is a lot higher in the USA which accounts for the difference in $ and £.

*If you’d like some shipping to your company the postage cost will be added. otherwise they will go to one of our three distributers.

Package 1

£1,050 / $2,250

Funds 1,000 prints for 1 style of poster

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£2,000 / $4,450

Funds 3,000 prints for up to 2 styles of poster

Package 3

£3,100 / $6,550

Funds 5,000 prints for up to 3 styles of poster

Package 4

£5,600 / $10,650

Funds 9,000 prints for up to 6 styles of poster

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