Introduction to the Comic Book

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How it started

We always knew we wanted to create a comic book for the industry and so in 2019 we set out to find ourselves the perfect writer for the job. We just so happened across Mat, our brilliant writer, teacher and friend. Mat Sullivan not only writes children’s novels but he also writes curriculum for teachers and is in fact a teacher himself in Manchester, England. Elly first presented Mat with the idea for the comic describing this future world, a world without surveyors; “I didn’t just want a story about surveyors and their jobs, I wanted a bit of a shock factor. We tend not to make change happen until we are faced with a disaster of sorts, and so if I could show this future world of despair, perhaps then people would really see how important surveyors and the geospatial industry is, and maybe just maybe start creating change for our future generation”. Mat took this idea and created what you know now as the Geo Squad comic book. If you haven’t read it yet, take a sneak peak at the first chapter here. 

So, where’s it heading?

As some keen readers will know, the first three chapters were published in Point of Beginning and Civil Engineering Surveying Magazines. We also published the first chapter in the Nevada Traverse, CAL Surveyor and Florida Surveyor Magazine as well as National Geographic Kids UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

We are saving the final two chapters for our comic book release on May 17th 2021.

Let’s set the scene…

It’s Careers Day at West Park High School. Four friends stand in the sports hall, surrounded on all sides by  stalls promoting some of the worst, most tedious, most brain-achingly boring jobs it’s possible for a human  being to endure. The more of these stalls that the gang passes, the further their faces fall. Is this really what grown-up life has in store for them? Maddison Williams does not want to manage middle managers  for a living; she’d much rather be a glacier-surfing, base-jumping shark wrangler! Setsuko Tanaka is on the  lookout for the extra-terrestrial bio-science stand, but all she can find is someone advertising a job in  human resources; a man so bored with his own life that he is sleeping at his table, open-mouthed and  catching flies. Kwame Orumo wants to be an extreme archaeologist, and Miles Darwood has his sights set  on the drone racing leagues, but all the foursome can see are paths to lives behind beige desks, wearing  beige pants, drinking beige tea… 

…That is, until they spot something strange in the corner of the hall: a table, unmanned, with no  signs and no information, upon which lies four strange-looking headsets and nothing more. Intrigued, the  friends approach, lifting up and inspecting these out-of-place objects. The gloomy guy on the Photocopier  Technicians stand informs the group that people have been trying the headsets all day, and they don’t  work. But, just as he starts to talk to them about the most boring job on Earth, the headsets suddenly flash  into life. As the gang inspect the visors, turning them over in their hands and peering inside, they begin to  wonder why these strange pieces of tech would start working now, just as they picked them up. Wonder  soon turns to intrigue; intrigue becomes an irresistible curiosity, and before you know it, all four are  wearing the mysterious headsets. 

What they see shocks them more than the science skeleton sat at the GymClean Sweat Removal  company stand. They see Middletown, their town, thirty years into the future – and it’s an awful sight to behold. Derelict towers collapse onto each other like drunken dominos. Cracked and twisted roads weave  dangerously over, around, and even through crumbling buildings. Giant cracks and cavernous craters in the  concrete streets threaten to swallow civilians whole, and the churning red sky above is filled with thick,  choking smog.  

This must be a figment of someone’s twisted imagination, right? The gang convince themselves that  the awful images they are seeing can’t be real… until a strange, cloaked figure suddenly appears to tell them that what they are seeing is no-one’s imagined atrocity; it is real.  

It is their future…’

Chapter 1 can be accessed online here!

What’s special about our comic book?

The comic revolves around a group of school kids turned super-surveyors called the GeoSquad. We wanted to highlight the importance of surveyors, so what better way than showing what a world would be like WITHOUT them in it!?! This way GeoSquad go on multiple adventures applying themselves to different roles in order to save their city. Surveyors are the heroes of our story with all different types and jobs demonstrated. 

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How can you get involved?

We require sponsors of Activity Pages for the Comic Book. We currently have a few spaces remaining, please see if any of these activities take your fancy. Or design your own game:

  • Find the Difference 

Using sections of the exploration posters, subtly altered, this would encourage children to  take a close reading of the posters and to really look at all the action and activity that is going 

  • Totally True or Fully False! 

Here, sponsor representatives in cartoon form would present their craziest stories from survey sites. Some would be true, some might be partly true but with a key detail dramatically  altered, and some might be completely made up! This would be a good way to drive traffic back to the website, as the true/false reveals and the real stories could be hosted on there, perhaps with links to appropriate coverage of the unbelievable finds / events covered in the true stories.  

  • Word search and Cryptic Clue Challenge 

A traditional word search with a twist! The found words would stack up horizontally, one  below the other, and one vertical line of characters from each word would spell out a special  word – perhaps a password that allows the reader access to a protected page on the website where a special surveyor Easter egg (electronic special treat!) could be found. There would  also be a glossary for the found words that would help young readers to better understand  key geospatial terms.  

  • Massive Measures 

This page would comprise a multiple choice quiz based on heights, lengths, depths and  other measures taken during extreme survey missions. The focus here would be on the wow factor in each example, showing how surveyors work at extremes, how vast the  measurements that they take can be, and how they work all over the world, in all  environments and conditions.  

  • Mega Machines 

On one side of this page would be a vertical row of images of survey vehicles / robots, and  on the other side would be another vertical row of images of extreme / hazardous locations.  They would all be mixed up, and the Last Surveyor would present the reader with the  challenge to link the correct robot or vehicle with the setting in which it would be used. For  example, a robotic serpent would be linked to an underwater setting; a drone would be used  to survey the damage caused by forest fires, etc. 

Keep an eye out for GeoSquads Character Profile blogs coming over the next few weeks. Learn more about the main stars of the comic, their likes, dislikes and a small introductory biography…


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