Ambassador Spotlight ‘Jose Alejo’

Introducing Jose Alejo our latest Brand Ambassador from Mexico! 

“I’m from Venezuela, but I’ve been living in Mexico since 2012.
I’m a Civil Engineer with 15 years of experience in land development and surveying industry.
I work as Land Surveyor / Project Manager in COSIG, a Geospatial Services Company.
We are part of the College of Surveying and Hydraulic Engineers of Guanajuato, Mexico.

I want to be a GKiS ambassador because I have realized that geospatial measurement professionals are not well recognized throughout Latin America.
I have had the opportunity to work in rural areas where they do not even identify what a topographer does, so I want to contribute my grain of sand in the task of informing the new generations about the importance of our work and how they can see surveying as a profession that can give them job recognition and help them achieve their dreams working in places they can’t even imagine.

As a GKiS ambassador, I initially plan to visit some schools near our office to give children a first contact with the technology that we handle every day.
It would be interesting to show them the presentations that you have designed explaining or relating them to local construction projects.

I am a lover of photography and technology in general. I love working with educational organizations in the implementation of collaboration based cloud tools.

Even though I like to explore the outdoors, I identify more with Kwane. I like to spend time at home relaxing, reading a book or listening to some good music.

It would be interesting to see some Mexican Mayan archaeology or in Machu Picchu. Perhaps a kind of exploration in the Amazon jungle cataloging sites of interest and mapping the places where certain endangered species live.

I am sure that if our children saw firsthand how interesting the world of reality capture could become, they would not only see in their future the possibility of being a doctor or a lawyer, but they would also dream of working in large infrastructure projects surveying or providing geometric control of such works”

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