Ambassador Spotlight ‘Gale Shea’

Introducing Brand Ambassador Gale Shea from Wisconsin, USA!

A bit about you: I am a UW-Madison Geography/GIS grad and GISP, and a Geospatial Sales Rep at the Midwest Trimble Dealer in the US – Seiler (a long-time sponsor.)

I have been in the industry since 1985, coming up through the ranks as GIS technology first came online and then became mainstream.

Any associations you’d like to mention? Yes, I’m part of and WI Land information Association  

Why get involved as a Brand Ambassador for GKiS and what do you plan to do? Because our world critically needs GIS/Surveyors and the Geospatial Infrastructure they enable as underpinning almost everywhere!

My plan is to work under the umbrella of 4-H with local schools/families in my area.  Rural Sauk County, WI. 4-H has a Geospatial Program with National reach. As a 4-H Mom, I raised my 3 kids as (4th generation) 4-Hers and it is a very logical fit in my area.

Anything else to add? As you know Seiler is already quite involved.  I plan to use your existing resources.