Ambassador Spotlight ‘Grace Ngwenya’

Welcoming our latest Brand Ambassador Grace Ngwenya who is covering the Somerset area of the UK:

Where did you study? Midlands State University -BSc Hons Surveying and Geomatics
Requirements to be a Surveyor in your area?
A university course, diploma or degree
An apprenticeship
A graduate training scheme
How long have you been in the industry? 8 years
How did you get into surveying? My interest in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) was sparked during my time in secondary school. I opted for Maths, Physics, Geography, Environmental Science, and Design & Technology for my A level subjects. This led me to pursue a BSc Hons degree in Surveying and Geomatics, followed by an MSc in Engineering with a specialization in Geomatics. I kickstarted my career as a Junior Surveyor at a Land Surveying company while still in my first year of studies. Following that, I completed an internship at a municipality, gaining exposure to the civil engineering field. Concurrently with my postgraduate studies, I worked as an Engineering Surveyor in training. Eventually, I made the decision to transition to the construction industry, where I currently hold the position of geospatial engineer.
Any associations and organisations you’d like to mention? I am a graduate member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES) and I also participate in the UK STEM Ambassadors program.
Why are you volunteering as a Brand Ambassador? Serving as a volunteer, I am confident in my capacity to make a meaningful difference in a young person’s life. By sharing my experiences, talents, and knowledge, I can motivate them to unleash their true potential. Furthermore, this experience will allow me to enhance my transferable skills including interpersonal communication, time management, leadership, delegation, and problem-solving.
Why is GKiS important? The utilisation of surveying techniques plays a crucial role in preventing conflicts between property owners by providing precise and accurate information on property boundaries. It assumes a vital position in the planning and development of new infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and buildings. By accurately mapping out the land, surveyors are able to determine the most optimal locations for these structures, taking into account various factors such as the topography of the land, the presence of natural resources, and potential environmental impacts. Additionally, geospatial engineering serves as an essential component in construction projects, as surveyors employ their measurements and data to assist engineers and architects in designing structures that prioritise safety.
What are your Brand Ambassador plans: A range of activities can be arranged, including careers talks, mentoring programs, tutoring sessions, and workshops, among other possibilities.
What are your hobbies outside of work? I am passionate about engaging in various sports activities such as trail running, swimming, and basketball. Additionally, I find joy in singing, dancing, and exploring new destinations through travel.