Ambassador Spotlight ‘Farrah Etcheverry’

Introducing Farrah Etcheverry AKA @ladyland_surveyor (on instagram) from the Grand Canyon State (AZ), USA:

  • I live in Northern Arizona, and have worked under a registered land surveyor for the last 5 years, I am currently studying at East Tennessee State University, majoring in Land Surveying and Mapping


  • The state of Arizona offers two paths to licensure, the educational route, or the experience route. You can complete a bachelor’s degree, or you can study under a registered land surveyor for 4 years before sitting for a licensing exam.


  • I was introduced to land surveying when I was very young, because my dad is a Land Surveyor. I didn’t get directly involved however, until I was around age 21 and began working for my father. I started out in the office doing more secretarial tasks before beginning to learn basic drafting and survey principles. After a year or so of that I started venturing out in the field as well and haven’t looked back since.