Ambassador Spotlight ‘Patrick Hedegaard’

Welcome to Patrick Hedegaard from Jytland, Denmark! Here’s a bit about him:

“Im curently studying at VIA University College, a campus in Horsens, Denmark.

The requirements for becoming a land surveyor in Denmark are a high school diploma or another relevant 3 year education, and thereafter one can apply for the 2 year surveyor program with 10 weeks of fieldwork.

It was by chance that I started the education. When I started I quickly became aware that 95% of the students did not know what they had signed up for.or what a surveyor actually does. I want to help change that! “I have a dream” of making this wonderful education more understandable and attractive. So we can get the best of the best as our colleagues.

Being a surveyor is cool and the future is exciting. Feel free to follow my adventure on LinkedIn