Ambassador Spotlight ‘Carolyn Sotvall’

Welcoming our latest Brand Ambassador Carolyn Sotvall who is covering the Greater Seattle area, Washington, USA:

Requirements to be a Surveyor

  1. Land Surveyor-in-Training certificate (LSIT): 4 years of experience through board approved education; board approved practical experience or a combination of both
    2. Principles and Practices of Land Surveying (PLS) exam
    3. Have 8 years of professional-level experience under the direct supervision of a licensed land surveyor. Education in an ABET-accredited program may count for up to 4 years of this experience.

How long have you been in the industry?

6 years

How did you get into surveying?

As an apprentice carpenter I was hired and trained by party chiefs at JTM Construction. We perform horizontal and vertical control on our projects using a localized grid tied into property line that correlates to the state plane monumentation used to break down the boundary. We are invested in construction technology including scanning services and AR-VR-Mixed reality solutions. Our internal survey department supports general construction efforts in addition to as built point cloud collection and deliverables for independent contracts. While we are not land surveyors, we are invested in providing opportunities for youth in construction.Edit How did you get into surveying?

Why are you volunteering?

I want kids to know about the opportunities that I missed out on in my youth. I graduated from university and I am still paying off my student loans. I was told that college was the only answer. There are so many more options, particularly for individuals who might not learn in the traditional way.

Why is GKiS important?

We need to teach young people so that we can retire someday. It is our responsibility to pass on the knowledge and skills we have acquired through our own training and experience.

BA plans

I will participate in any way I can. I hope to engage in job fairs, presentations and classroom activities. I would love to bring our tools into the classroom to give kids hands on experience with robotics and laser scanners.

What are your hobbies?

I love the outdoors. I like to hike, ride my bike, I go snowboarding in the winter and paddle boarding in the summer. I love my region because of the biodiversity here. We have mountains and sound, so many opportunities to engage with the natural environment.

GKiS character ideas

James the kid. An incredibly intelligent 6th grader who finds solutions through laser scanning and loves to help his friends learn about construction technology. He is a trailblazer, he can fix anything, he learns how to use tools through good judgement and experimentation. He is fearless, determined and kind and he is a natural born leader.

GKiS resources

Scavenger hunt

Anything else:

I love the Get Kids Into Survey initiative. I would like to contribute to the team by diversifying what is offered. Survey work in construction is now mainstream and there are so many opportunities outside of land surveying.