Ambassador Spotlight ‘John Lucey’

Introducing John Lucey our latest Ambassador covering Central Oregon, USA:
Where did you study?
The College of William and Mary
How long have you been in the industry? 
26 years
How did you get into surveying?  
Geology Field Class
Any associations and organizations that you’d like to mention?
Why are you volunteering as a GKiS Brand Ambassador?
I am the new Head of Outreach and Mentorship for the PLSO
Why is Get Kids into Survey important?
It is important for kids to have adventure in their lives and surveying is a great adventure.
What are your plans as a Brand Ambassador?
I already talk to kids in school about the surveying. There are always a few that really like the idea of joining the profession. I am working with other surveyors to get them to volunteer in the schools and with the scouts.
What are your hobbies outside of survey?
I golf, hunt, explore and play banjo.
GKiS new character idea- A Golden Retriever