Ambassador Spotlight ‘Jack Edwards’

Introducing our latest Brand Ambassador Jack Edwards from Birmingham, UK:

Where did you study? I initially was taught on the job but have since attended The Survey School as apart of their TSA course.
Requirements to be a Surveyor: There are no formal requirements to become a surveyor in the UK.
How did you get into surveying? I fell into it after being convinced by a surveyor friend of mine to apply as an assistant surveyor.
Associations and organisations: Not currently but I am working towards my application for technical membership to the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.
Why are you volunteering? Because I believe it is important for the future of this industry to show young people what surveying is, the importance of it to the world that we live in and the opportunities that a surveying career could provide them.
Why is GKiS important? So that they can learn more about the world that they inhabit and to keep the traditional methods of surveying alive, as these skills are sadly dying out in the UK.
BA plans? I would like to work with young people to show them how interesting surveying can be and to leave an impression on them to the extent that at least a few would like to pursue a career in surveying.