Ambassador Spotlight ‘Robert Lopez’

Introducing our latest Brand Ambassador from Arizona, USA – Robert Lopez!

Here’s a bit about him:

“I am a registered surveyor in Arizona.

To become a surveyor studies were on my own using books I bought off amazon. There are no courses available where I am.
Requirements to be a Surveyor in Arizona:  6 years of qualifying work experience, three to five registered professionals that make a testimony to your experience and your moral character, Passing of the NCEES  FS and PS exams, Passing of the Arizona State specific exam.
I got into surveying because a family friend owned a small Land Survey firm and needed some help in the field. I decided to help and was hired.
I have been Surveying for seven years.
I would like to use the curriculum and tools that GKiS has already created, if GKis didn’t exist then I would probably do something just like it on my own.
There has never been a career fair that included a booth for Surveying, I think it is important to show what I do. Arizona is losing many surveyors and we keep turning down work and have 2 to 3 month times to completion of small projects because we don’t have the people to do the job.
My hobbies are video games, gardening, and everything automotive.
My company is not open for business yet but I will keep in touch and would like to sponsor.”