Sponsorship Process, Benefits, and Payment Plans…

Let’s begin with the process of sponsoring a resource!

(video coming soon)

Firstly decide which sponsorship option is best for your company (we currently have poster re-print packages or a Homework Project option where your company can get their own character). From this point you can look at previous posters and decide which theme your company best fits into. The posters are available to look at here, we have 19 different geospatial themes! 

Sponsorship enquiry forms can be found here if your company would like to fill it out. Or email Erin on erin@getkidsintosurvey.com with some details of what your company are wanting from the sponsorship.

We will receive that and send over a contract for you to sign to confirm your place.

Once the contract has been signed you will receive an invoice via email. This will be an invoice via stripe where you have the option to pay in full or 3 automated monthly payments.

  • For poster re-prints we will put together a stamp like feature with your company logo in the corner of the poster. Once the proof is confirmed we will get this printed in your chosen location (Europe, USA or Australia) where it will go to our distributors and stock added to our website.

We will contact you for ideas for your Homework Project or Colouring Sheet. Our teacher Mat will help make your Homework Project as tailored as you wish. Our designer Marek will then draw it up, same as the colouring sheets.

At the same point in time we will ask for some information on your character (or mascot) design, can be as creative or plain as you wish. This is a back and forth process.

Finally it’s time to proofread over the finished poster and Q&A section. Once everything is perfect we send it to print and put it online for all to see.


What character might you be able to get? 

Well that is entirely up to you! Your company can base it on a person, an animal, an object or a completely made up character. Be as creative as you like!! This can be used for your branding so it will represent you as a company.




The main exposure you will get is from the brand visibility on the resource in which your company features; with a character and a logo present. So far GKiS have distributed over 80,000 posters worldwide, not forgetting the regular online views/downloads too. Also included is:

  • *A box of posters (*if sponsoring a re-print package)
  • Featured on the Get Kids into Survey website with a Character Spotlight on the Blog.
  • High profile coverage across social media platforms – Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram
  • ‘Get Kids into Survey Sponsor’ electronic logo material for social media and website posts, helping you to let your customers, clients and the industry know that you are investing in the future of geosurvey!
  • Each poster has a resource ‘package’ including Q&A, colouring in sheets and Homework Projects. All working together to redirect kids and teachers amongst each.

One of the biggest benefits is that you are helping to educate the next generation about the geospatial industry. Therefore helping to bring more talent into the industry ready to take over from all those who are nearing retirement. 

To see more on the benefits of sponsoring please see our other blog.


There’s still time to get involved!

If reading this has spurred your company on to want to sponsor this great industry initiative then please visit the sponsorship page.

Our current campaign focusses on Homework Projects, which we’ve explained all about here!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Erin at erin@getkidsintosurvey.com