All About Homework Projects

What is a Homework Project?

Our homework projects are a series of questions covering a range of subjects from geography to mathematics. They focus on a specific topic about the geospatial sector, so far each homework project links back to one of our themed exploration posters to further dive into the educational side. You can find our active projects on our website… like all of our resources, they are free for everyone to access!

There is scope for us to produce endless amounts of lesson plans as we work with a specialist primary school teacher called Mat Sulivan (also the brains behind our GeoSquad Comic Book). We have an extended list of Homework Project titles ready to show your company, could the next one be yours?


What are the benefits of these Homework Projects?

For kids who see our posters and want more… these projects are the perfect exercise to explore a range of thought provoking activities. They are link back to the geospatial profession whilst using a range of skills. Because we all know that geospatial experts aren’t just pro’d in one subject area, it requires multi talent!

These projects engage the children and hopefully encourage them to learn more about surveying as they go through. It is proven that kids are aware of the career they wish to enter into from as early as 7 years old. Proving that we need to expose children to our world in a fun way, from an early age as possible.


Why do we need you?

As mentioned previously, we want our resources to be accessible to ALL, meaning there is no charge to those who wish to use our resources. This means that we need to fund the creation and distribution of these somehow. And that is where YOU come in (hopefully). 

If your company were to sponsor one of the lesson plans that would help to fund all of the work that goes on to keep Get Kids into Survey running. We have a network of great contacts including our cartoon designer, teacher (copywriter), website support, distributor handling fees for our posters, the runnings of our office and systems, not forgetting team member Erin who spends 2 days each week doing all things GKiS!


Benefits for your company:

-Brand exposure- By joining part of the Get Kids into Survey family, you are joining a network of great contacts. Your name will be out there on our social media channels and our website. See here for our infographic which has all of our website stats, with some added facts and figures. That’s a LOT of eyes.

-Marketing material with a cartoon character. Our very own cartoonist will create a character of your choice. Have a look at all of our character spotlights here (Latest Blogs – Get Kids Into Survey) for an insight into other companies ideas! GKiS also shows your soft side and builds a unique picture about your business. Look at Trent Keenan at Diamondback Land Surveying, he is so passionate about getting kids into Survey, he has sponsored the local Nascar – this not only promotes the profession but raises his profile as a Surveyor in his area!

-Help provide FREE resources that kids will enjoy (more detail in previous question).

-Build momentum, start small with BIG consequences. There is a huge lack of career advice and awareness on Surveying, so help educate parents, children and the general joe blogs at a local level. There is a clear problem “In 2018, there were 55,000 chartered surveyors in the UK, either employed or self-employed. This number has fallen from 63,000 in 2011” Source/ Credit Macdonald and Company. 

-YOU are helping to save the industry and hiring crisis! Help children understand and recognise this as a career option. The more we capture a child’s interest, the more likely they are to consider this in later life. Keeping surveying on the radar! This is a long term strategy!

Land Surveying Is A Great Profession, But Why Don’t Young People Know That?” POB Magazine

Below are our Statistics for the previous year, which have only grown during 2022. We are considered well known in the geospatial industry, along with the extremely high reputation of our founder Elaine Ball; who set up GKiS in addition to her Elaine Ball Ltd which has recently opened the Geospatial Marketing Academy. 

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to message Erin on and why not join our monthly newsletter too!