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16th April 2020 – Nidderdale (sheep land) North Yorkshire, England

“#GetKidsintoSurvey is here to “Inspire future geospatial experts!”  Bringing young people into the exciting world of survey through pioneering content and engaging experiences”

Hey there, I do hope you are staying safe and well in these horrid times.  I honestly feel like I’m in the ‘Hunger Games’! I’m sending you much love and best wishes from my pad in Sheep Land (North Yorkshire Dales, England).  If you didn’t get to read last months news – click here 

So we thought it would be a good idea to pull together a bunch of resources for your children.  So without hesitation, Elly and I have compiled a list of key sites for you to visit;

HOME SCHOOLING – 19 “Geospatial” Resources for your children

1.GET KIDS INTO SURVEY.  Posters, colouring in and Q&A’s (Covering maths, english, history and geography as well as Survey) are available FREE and in FULL SCREEN ONLINE – click here to access them – when this pandemic is over, we will resume shipping again. Each poster comes with Q&A – so download the Q&A related to your poster and get your kids answering the questions!  For kids aged 8-12 (as well as Survey mum’s and dad’s 😉

2.SHE MAPS, STEM Programs and Resources for Teachers and Schools. Don’t miss their online STEM show with daily episodes with STEM communicators around the world. For kids aged 5-12. See link: Online STEM Show

3.Twinkl UK – loads of great resources for younger to older kids can be found right here.

4.WHERE IS GEO? Map activity by Twinkl UK – click here to download the resources .  Where am I on the map?

5.Britannica for kids – sign up to receive some really cool things for your children.  Let their imaginations run wild, Britannica’s library has over 100,000+ articles and 60,000+ media assets to choose from — keeping young minds on top of our ever-changing world.

6.NAT GEO KIDS – tons of very cool stuff hidden in the Nat Geo Kids pages including competitions – or sign up and receive their magazine!  “I wish i had this as a kid!”

7.Dare to explore with Paul Rose!  All about his Arctic challenge

8.Ordnance Survey – welcome to map zone from games, did you know and map skills to entertain

9.Autodesk Education – have a whole library of exciting resources.  Fancy creating, designing and making anything?  Click on Tinkercad – a FREE, easy app for 3D design, electronics and coding. Coooool! OR….

10.Parents/ Teaches:  INSTRUCTABLES teachers is committed to helping teachers inspire, engage and prepare students through hands on learning – check out their fabulous activities for all ages.

11.ESRI resources – Esri provide a load of exciting challenges like Take Your Work To Kids Day, Challenge 1: Coloring In or Take Your Work To Kids Day, Challenge 2: A Forest of Color

12.Looking for Geography games?  Click here for GEO Guessr

13.Discover the World Education and the Geography Association offer FREE geography resources.

14.Discover Captain Alice, our resident Cartographer and Ambassador for Get Kids into Survey. Check out her resources to #GetChildrenMappingThe Geographical Association offers a ton of teaching resources

15.National Geographic’s Map Skills for Elementary Students

16.Want to get involved in a global school challenge? Class of Your Own’s Design, Engineer, Construct Programme have opened a Design Challenge for Primary/Elementary and Secondary School pupils. See link for details: The Esteem Pavillion Challenge. Free to enter, closes 31st August 2020

17.How to teach Kids map reading skills – even on lockdown

18.Teaching Ideas – maps and atlases

19.Google Earth have a wealth of resources from beginners to gurus – check out their own some exploring

The Global Geospatial Industry

So who’s doing what where? Below I’ve highlighted some blogs, news releases and how the Geospatial Industry are helping to Get Kids into Survey!

-CAT Surveys, UK – Helping the Next Generation

-POB Magazine, USA – Exploring Get Kids into Survey

-Murphy Surveys, UK – Murphy Surveys proud to be part of campaign to get kids excited about careers in surveying 

-A Life Without Limits, Australia – supporting a career in Surveying

-Spatial Dimensions, UK – its all about building momentum 

-Storm Geomatics, UK – Inspiring the next generation

-Topcon, UK – Topcon team heads to Survey Fest (our pilot exhibition event)

-Nobulius, Australia – Surveying – A STEM career with big opportunities

And for all those mum’s and dad’s who want to know more about Surveying; check this out: Did you know Surveying is one of the oldest professions in the world

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