Why do we need Surveyors?

Surveyors transform the world around us. We need them to be involved in developing things like landscapes and cities, and for tackling global issues such as climate change and migration.

Surveyors do this by transforming and improving how people work and travel, where they live and by helping create safer, happier and healthier communities.

There are many different types of Surveyors, to tackle many different types of survey tasks.  A Surveyor can plot, measure and record the details and features of the land known as topography, utilising skills such as; maths and geography.  Surveyors use compasses and measuring devices such as 3D Laser Scanners and Theodolites – an instrument that measures angles.

By knowing where the features are located, and understanding how angles work, the surveyor can get a full 3D picture of the lay-of-the-land or sea.  By utilising special instruments, the surveyor can measure unsafe and hard to reach areas also known as remote sensing – collecting data without physically touching it.

All these things help us produce maps, understand where to build schools and even protect water ecosystems.

Surveyors can work alone, in teams, indoors and outdoors; on projects like the London Olympic Park, and greener transport systems.

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