West Coast State Poster Campaign

Calling all West Coast State companies…


The West Coast GKIS franchise is gearing up to look for sponsors for our new series of captivating posters celebrating each West Coast State. With the community’s support, we are looking for sponsors for our 13 states that are a part of the West Coast Franchise.
If you forgot what states those are, they are:
-New Mexico.
With the intent of getting these posters made before the new school year in the United States, the West Coast Get Kids Into Survey is looking for about 10-12 sponsors in each one of our 13 states. The cost of $2,000  will be for new sponsors, which comes with creating your unique character and shipment of 50 posters of the state-themed poster you sponsored. You will also have a chance at a character spotlight blog post for your character created and an extensive social media post with the other sponsors thanking you for your support. If you already have a character or an existing sponsor, you will only have to pay $1,800 to become a sponsor and have the same benefits listed beforehand.
If you want to become a sponsor for one of these state-themed posters, contact us today by sending President Trent Keenan an email at Trent@getkidsintosurvey.com or check out our website under the “Sponsor Us” page to learn more.