Trimble Dimensions GKiS

The last time Elaine attended Trimble Dimensions was 4 years ago back in 2018! Wow it seems like SUCH a long time ago… before covid hit and everything slid to a halt in 2020. It was awesome to be able to get back to normality with an incredible 5,750 attendees from 75 countries, the Trimble community gathered in The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas! 

Ps how COOL was the hotel?!

Attending the Trimble conference is a great way to catch up with past and present clients, and find out about all of their new exciting ventures. Elaine has worked with lots of Trimble staff worldwide holding consultancy sessions, and as part of the GKiS initiative. That, plus having a few Trimble resellers as regular students in the Geospatial Marketing Academy which is run by Elaine. So it really does mean a lot to catch up with these amaze-ball geospatial folk!

This years event had a huge focus around the NEW ‘Trimble Construction One’ which they launched at the Conference. This new system helps you Plan, Do and Manage all sorts of construction projects, it drives efficiency and productivity at each stage of the project lifecycle. This means everything (data) is in ONE place… can be used by a range of stakeholders. 

This is an exciting partnership between Trimble Universe and Microsoft Azure…

The big guns are teaming up 

Another incredible experience from the show was having the honour of listening to Steve Wozniak who is the co-founder of Apple! Please tell us you’ve heard of this man…


“Social Media and Surveying”

On the Tuesday, Elaine, Robert Martin, PS (Surveying with Robert), Trent Keenan (Dimaondback Land Surveying) and Michael Dix (Trimble Marketing Communications) took to the stage to present a panel discussion about Social Media and Surveying.

Topics included the current best practices for major social media platforms Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. 

The panelists talked about the benefits and ROI of using these platforms, and showed how you can post great content using the employees you already have, and when to leverage 3rd party resources. Other topics will include what not to post, and what not to do on social media. Finally we talked about social media ads, and when you should use them effectively. 

There was a fabulous turnout, but we are a bit upset that Elaine’s selfie was all blurry but here we are haha

Get Kids into Survey

⚠️ NEWS UPDATE ⚠️ As many of you know, Elaine’s on a serious mission to Get Kids into Survey! That being said, she has to up her game! To go BIG or go home!

Get Kids into Survey is a Brand that she set up in 2017 with the aim to educate the next generation on the geospatial industry. GKiS have grown huge amounts and have over 100 stakeholders to thank.

Over the next year we’ve set ourselves 2 BIG goals…

✅ Goal 1: Franchise the Get Kids into Survey Model into EVERY COUNTRY  


We have only scratched the surface and if you know Elaine, she can’t just do that! We need to do MORE! By franchising the model we can get the name of Survey into more countries quicker thus speeding up the process! 

We want SURVEYING terms and jargon into every child’s lingo! Yep you read right!

✅ Goal 2: is to get Get Kids into Survey into Minecraft yes sir re! 

At Intergeo Elaine spoke with several contacts to help nudge us forwards in our mission. Getting on Intergeo TV gave us that boost ( so did the talk at Dimensions to help work Elaine’s network of contacts.

She MAY have met with a senior member of Microsoft and have started the BALL “get the pun” rolling with them!! Ekkkkk


Geoholics Roadshow

One to check out… an unscripted educational chat with a few geospatial pals. Myself and Trent Keenan (Diamondback Land Surveyors) can be heard at 01:31 to 20:34 on Day 1’s Geoholics Roadshow podcast.

Well worth a listen as we announce some exciting and secretive news shhhh 



Elaine was thrilled to see all her lovely clients, GKiS sponsors, GKiS Brand Ambassadors and meeting “finally” with online friends! Trent Keenan  Peta Cox  William Wing RLS  Kent Groh  Ben Shinabery Nolan Mark, PS and many others! Elaine loved spending time with you all! 

Check out these pictures from a catchup going around the Las Vegas version of the London Eye haha!