Surveyors Week 2022

Happy Global Surveyors Week 2022!

The aim of this week is to highlight the world of surveying, especially to the next generation.

Watch our Surveyors Week Video HERE... and meet some of our lovely Brand Ambassadors!!

There are so many avenues to go down in the geospatial industry! Here’s what a few of our Brand Ambassadors and supporters say about why they love surveying, why they chose this geospatial career, and reasons why the person reading/watching this should go into the profession:

Desiree Hurst- “I love the profession because…there are too many reason to count but I enjoy the variety of projects I have worked on throughout my career.”

Dan Curry-  “I love the profession because… I enjoy being outside and meeting people from all walks of life. When I am outside doing survey work, I don’t feel like it’s a job. There is nothing more satisfying to me than researching the history of a property, going out collecting field data and then putting that job on paper and seeing the results. I would compare the process to putting together a puzzle and when you have that drawing completed you have your puzzle put together and as we know some puzzles are harder than others!”

Greg Dunn- “I love the profession because… The geospatial industry is such a unique one. There are so many facets to become completely absorbed into.  I love the constant intersection of technology and people – always evolving, but somehow still familiar to those involved. This profession is unique, dependable, and challenging. Above all – it’s fulfilling. The work we do in the geospatial industry truly impacts everyone.”

Melissa Cintron- “I love surveying because… I fell in love with how broad the industry is being a Land Surveyor and contributing to society, for example, by helping build the first home, being part of a rehabilitation of a bridge or road, using new technologies, and positively impacting communities.

Surveying is for you if you like technology, positively impacting communities and learning.”

Junelle Wilson- “I love the profession because…there is always something new every day.  Whether it is an office day or a day in the field each situation presents new challenges!  You get to have the best of both worlds, a desk job and a physical job. Everyone should try out land surveying as a career, as it is such a great industry to work in.  The work provides variety and land surveyors are always in high demand so you will never be short of a job!”

Narelle Underwood- “I love the profession because… it offers a wide variety of career opportunities, not only do we get paid to play with some of the best and coolest technology but we also have an opportunity to influence, design and create new communities.”

Christopher Clay- “I love the profession because I get to help surveyors see through the vegetation using drone-based LiDAR scanning.”

Jay Sidhu-  “I love the profession because there’s never a day the same and challenging puzzles to be solved with amazing stories uncovered every day.”

Angela Bailey- “I love the profession because…it allows me to enjoy multiple aspects of my job. Sometimes my office is the great outdoors, and sometimes it’s at, what I call, my command center, a multi-monitor display surrounded by maps, data, and calculations. Every project is its own puzzle to solve. Some of those pieces are found in the field, some come from historical data/maps, and the rest are self-derived. That’s pretty powerful, knowing you are one of the pieces in the puzzle and it takes you and your team to complete the puzzle. Another reason I love this profession and why I would highly recommend it is for its emerging technologies. Ranging from the latest robotic field equipment, drones, laser scanners, and the newest 3D goggle/monitor hardware to software that will have you thinking you’re in a video game. If you are interested in new tech, a geospatial career will definitely quench your thirst.”

John Brady- “I love the profession because… I am able to get outside and use my hands and my head. It allows me to easily involve my kids in my work. I am providing a public service to society. Ultimately, it is FUN!”

Peta Cox- “I love the profession because it is so diverse & can take you anywhere around the world.”

Jamie Stephens- “I’d recommend land surveying for its ever changing technology, great work balance of outdoor site and indoor office time, project varieties, great peer group and a generally enjoyable career.”

Christine Wanja- “I love the profession because… Its adventurous you get to visit and meet people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs it is also fulfilling and challenging at the same time.”

John Perrott- “I love the different aspects of the job and the variety of locations I get to visit. I get to utilise some of the latest technology in the outdoors! What could be better than that?”

If this doesn’t give you the push to try surveying then I don’t know what will! Have a look at all of our free geospatial themed resources here…