ROI, time and cost aren’t a good fit for us!

ROI, time and cost aren’t a good fit for us! Consider these 3 things before saying no:

1- Be seen multiple times

Currently poster sponsorship costs £1450, divide that by 3k posters (on average worldwide)… that equals 48p per poster investment. Each poster can be seen by multiple people in environments such as offices, schools and libraries. So much exposure of your logo and branding.

Not forgetting the online presence of them too with an average of 2:21 time on page! We will soon have 20 collectable posters, so there’s limited opportunities to get involved remaining.


2- Be in it for the LONG TERM, build your brand

Our target audience for our resources are 8-12 years old. They won’t begin careers until around 20 years old… where they choose university degrees or apprenticeship routes. That means we won’t start seeing the results of our resources for 10 years after they’ve used them. 

We were founded in 2017 so have only been around for 4 years. At this point we don’t know what effect we have had, and it will be very difficult to track. We push as many resources out as possible and ensure as many children get to know what the geospatial industry is.

Our aim: to get more people into the geospatial industry. Let’s try to stop this skills shortage for an amazing career.


3- Exposure is high… leading to possible sales

As a brand we have many industry connections, GKiS are present at a range of different shows and conferences. When people see us, they see you too! Displayed all over our website, materials and stands are all our sponsors logos/characters. This could be your way in to gain so much exposure off the back of us (and we hope we get a similar return). Backlinks are great for google search!

Are you tracking your exposure and conversions to sales? With the addition of a character spotlight blog (see example here) on our website, plus the other links, there is an opportunity to track that conversion… If any of our sponsors have done this, please let us know. Our blogs have an average 600 views per month, with an average page time of 1 min 49 seconds.

For help on how to track this information and create campaigns please speak to our founder Elaine Ball.


What do our supporters and sponsors do on their websites? are an amazing example, they get quite a lot of traffic through their website which leads people to our resources! Run by NSPS they are one of our distributors, we have a lot to thank them for, helping us promote the industry to the next generation.

Or it could be as simple as linking our logo to your website to gain traction that way. As seen in this example by minimapmakers:

We hope this blog has given you something to think about? We would love to hear from you if you’d like to take one of our final remaining places on either Digital Construction or A World Without Surveyors. Have a look at our sponsorship page now. Or email


If you have not received your comic book, ordered pre-September, please email
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