Posters for Twenty Twenty

What posters are coming in 2020 you ask?

Well, as we mentioned before Christmas, this year we wanted to have a more environmental focus and look, not just at what surveyors do, but what would the world look like if surveyors didn’t exist. As some of you will know, this is the foundation of our comic book as well.

Of course, we set the theme of our posters and announce a release date however these posters wouldn’t be here with out the help of the industry, without the support of you and your company. We have already had a great response from our Utilities poster and are looking for a release of the US version by February. We need just two more US sponsors to make this happen. Will it be you?

Utilities UK and Australia will be next followed closely by a very important Environment focused poster which will showcase how surveyors look after and monitor the earth, it will be complete with land slides, volcanic eruption, uncontrollable weather and coastal erosion as well as a look at our environmental impact with plastic and other issues.

Transport will dominate the very busy May conferences including FIG Working Week 2020, TopoDOT User Conference, Geospatial Week including Esri UK Annual Conference & GEO Business ShowWe will also be working closely with Class of Your Own with this poster.

After we have recovered from the conference madness we will look to deliver a very special poster in the Summer months. This poster is called City Clean up and is based on our comic book city in the future where surveyors have become extinct. Sponsors of this poster will be seen as ‘super heroes’ coming to ‘clean up’ the city showcasing how surveyors keep our cities safe, hazard free, monitor buildings and pipes and also the important role they play in construction and the whole make up of the city scene.

Our final poster of 2020 will see us go back to one of the coldest places on the planet, this time to the Arctic where we will focus on climate change and what it means for the world and our future. What kind of jobs surveyors do in the Arctic and why it is so important.

This year, not only are we releasing our posters as normal BUT we are also working with our very talented writer and teacher Mat Sullivan and our partner Class of Your Own to develop lesson plans with our posters so that teachers can really get stuck in and kids can get the most out of them. Stay tuned for updates on this.


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