TUC 18, Intergeo and partnering with Class of Your Own

Hey Guys,

Sorry it has been so long. But here we are, back in action and ready to share some updates.

Intergeo. SURVEY Fest. Geo Squad Comic and more…

Before I jump into that… did you see our video from TopoDOT User Conference where we held our first STEM event with the best kids ever? I will always hold onto the hugs I got that day. Ryan Swingley my new best friend was fantastic on the day too and together I think we smashed it.

Pictured: Ryan of ESP Associates and Elly  🙂

Kids were given an activity where they had to go to every booth, they had to ask a question and also find something in the poster and give its grid reference as the answer. For example at the Trimble booth the kids had to find the SX10 in the Civil’s poster. There was a real life SX10 near the booth so they knew what to look for. They then had to ask the staff what it does and in return they gained stickers. It was a lot of fun. 

News from Intergeo!

What didn’t happen at Intergeo! Biggest shout out to the amazing Daniel Katzer and Intergeo Team who blew us away when they offered us a 6′ booth at the largest Geospatial conference in the world! We couldn’t believe it nor would we ever turn it down. Thank you Daniel, it truly was amazing to be exposed to the global community and have so many people show their interest and support in our initiative. We even had meetings to discuss translating the poster into other languages… Stay tuned.

At Intergeo we also caught up with our generous US Industry magazine supporters POB. POB have been publishing our Geo Squad comic for us for the past 4 months. We are two episodes away from the season finale. Make sure you stay up to date. We will be releasing a full 30 page comic book next Spring complete with curriculum for schools. More on this coming soon.

Our Education Partner

We teamed up with Class of Your Own Limited (‘COYO’) back at London’s GEO Business Show in May. An award-winning education consultancy specialising in the Digital Built Environment and Infrastructure. COYO created the ‘Design Engineer Construct!®’ (‘DEC’) teaching and learning programme with a corresponding suite of accredited qualifications, workshops, challenges and student engagement programmes which have been delivered to UK schools/colleges since its inception.

Pictured: Elaine Ball (Founder and Head of Sponsorship) for GKiS, Alison Watson (Founder and CEO) of COYO, Elly Ball (CEO) of GKiS

COYO works in partnership and collaboration with schools, universities and industry organisations to provide transformational STEAM education opportunities for young people and their teachers, giving relevance to single subject academic courses at a critical time in students’ career considerations.

So, how do we fit in you ask?

SURVEY Fest! The Pilot

Get Kids into Survey and Class of Your Own bring you SURVEY Fest! A one day event for schools to embrace all things surveying, it is also a place where industry meets education. Younger students (10-12 years old) will be exposed to surveying activities during the day, get to interact with real world surveyors, consultants and other industry experts as well as get inspired by our industry.

We pilot our first SURVEY Fest next week with the help of over 10 different companies, 23 surveying/geospatial individuals who will help shape the future of SURVEY Fest events. Once we have trialled our theory we will officially launch the program before the end of the year. It will then be rolled out in DEC schools across the country in 2020. Please get in touch if you wish to be involved and would like more information for future events.

Many thanks to the following for your contribution and support:

Founding Sponsor: Topcon
Development Partner: Jacobs
Supporters: Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering SurveyorsThe Survey Association & GEO Bussiness Show

Our pilot program sponsors also include: Leica GeosystemsSygma SolutionsUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of Newscastle and Hollis Global.

Looking forward to a great first pilot! If you are interested in sponsoring and supporting a SURVEY Fest at a DEC school near you, please get in touch. 

Thanks for reading.

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