New beginnings for Australia

COVID-19 brought a whole year of change none of us were expecting. There were some highs and there were lows as I am sure you have all experienced. With that, we are sad to tell you that our lovely Australian Distributor Michelle Brooks of CDM Branding will no longer be representing Get Kids into Survey for the Australasia region. Michelle has gone on to some new pastures and we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors. And so when one door closes a new one opens. Enter Narelle Underwood and Michelle Blicavs of the NSW Surveying Taskforce.

These two brilliant women in surveying will represent and distribute resources for ‘Get Kids into Survey’ for Australasia. Narelle Underwood (photo left); Surveyor General of NSW and Chair of the NSW Surveying Taskforce. A NSW representative on the Taskforce National Alliance and a Superstar of STEM. Michelle Blicavs (photo right) is Narelle’s partner in crime when it comes to the NSW Surveying Taskforce. She is also the CEO of The Association of Consulting Surveyors.

We can’t wait to see where these women and the NSW Surveying Taskforce take ‘Get Kids into Survey’ for Australia and beyond.

The NSW Surveying Taskforce will be represented in our posters and material by Narelle and her son Lachie flying his drone. See if you can spot them in our upcoming Utilities Australia Poster coming this September.


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For more information on the NSW Surveying Taskforce, see their website here