Meet the Squad: Setsuko


Setsuko Tanaka 


Twelve solar cycles 

Specialist Areas:  

Ecology and environmental expert 


Plants – sometimes more than humans (apart from the Squad, of course). Reducing, reusing, recycling, and taking part in the occasional environmental protest.  


Being indoors, getting stuck in her sleeping bag, running out of memory in her camera, which happens all the time because – in her own words – NATURE IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME! 


Setsuko loves the outdoors so much that she abandoned her bedroom aged seven, preferring to sleep in a tent in her back yard. Since then, she has filled an entire greenhouse with over one hundred varieties of plant, including her own hybrid strain of vegan Venus flytrap.  She is currently in the process of fengshuing  the top floor of the treehouse she built from  reclaimed wood. Through her activism and  online fundraising, she has managed to save  nearly a million acres of forest, seven  endangered species, and one local park – the  home of her favourite climbing tree. 

Likely to say things like: 

“Fancy a green tea in the treepartment?”