Meet the Squad: Miles


Miles Darwood


Ten… almost eleven! 

Specialist Areas:  

Coding, gaming, driving anything with a motor 


Racing drones and go-karts, being Player One, and his favourite games controller, which he has named ‘Lucy’.  


Game lag, campers, and noobs. Going anywhere slowly, especially in his mum’s car. According to Miles, his mum drives so slow she could get a parking ticket in the fast lane. 


Miles has been into gaming since his thumbs were developed enough to wiggle a joystick, and his love of go-karting is almost as long lived. At the age of three, he set the trike lap record in his nursery, and he’s never looked back. If he’s not in the middle of a real or virtual race, you can usually find Miles rebuilding his gaming PC or his custom go kart for the umpteenth time. He prefers to talk via text. He is currently exploring the possibility of communicating solely in  emojis.  

Likely to say things like: 

“*insert an extreme amount of emojis here*