Meet the Squad: Kwame


Kwame Orumo 


11.62 Years Old 

Specialist Areas:  

Ancient History and Advanced Maths 


Bowties, underground exploration, English Breakfast Tea, and anything over 3000 years old. 


Unbalanced equations, unsolved Rubik’s Cubes, running low on calculators.  


Kwame Orumo has an IQ that is exactly 12.91 times his age as a recurring decimal, which is his way of saying that he’s extremely intelligent. He has a habit of wearing out calculators; he’s already on his third one this week. He can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than thirty seconds, mainly because he doesn’t like them to be ‘untidy’, and he is obsessed with all things ancient and buried. While he usually lives by the ‘Three B’s’: bowtie, belt and braces, you are just as likely to find Kwame armpit deep in dirt at an archaeological dig, as you are to catch him sat in his favourite wingback chair, with a steaming brew, a stack of biccies, and a mound of mega-hard mathematical equations to solve.  

Likely to say things like: 

“I came here to drink tea, eat biscuits, and  discover the world’s greatest hidden  treasures… and I’ve just dunked my last  Hobnob.”