Let’s Talk About our Stickers!

The return of our cartoon stickers!

We have many compliments about our cartoon character stickers. As you probably know, when a company sponsor one our geospatial themed posters, they receive a custom character with their branding on. Some of our long standing Brand Ambassadors are lucky enough to have their own characters too!

(you can learn all about the different cartoon characters on our ‘Character Spotlight’ blogs here)

Here is a little selection of the stickers we have left in stock… speaking of which *runs to computer and quickly orders some more custom stickers from Sticker Mule*!!!

If any of our Brand Ambassadors or sponsors wish to print some stickers of their own we are happy to give you the cartoon file for you to order through Sticker Mule. We know it’s good quality and meets our high standards* 🙂 then you can give out stickers to promote surveying… lets get them out far and wide eee!

*Please read through our Brand Guidelines before purchasing, to make sure you are aware of our standards and rules regarding our cartoons/branding. Many thanks.