Intergeo 2022 Essen

WOW WOW WOW what a week!!!

What started off a little manic due to a cancelled flight to Germany, ended very successfully. We will start off by introducing our Founder Elaine’s TV interview which explains all of the latest Get Kids into Survey efforts:

Elaine not only appeared on TV, but was also interviewed for various podcasts and YouTube content which we will share once they go live!

Meanwhile Erin and Elly were busy on the GKiS stand that Intergeo kindly supplied. We stocked up on hundreds of posters and leaflets, yet we still managed to nearly run out at the end of day 2! Oh so popular! We had a couple of board games made in English and German which are super fun and might be making a comeback in 2024 *watch out*.

It was great to meet some of our international Brand Ambassadors since this is the first time many of us had travelled since covid struck. Our Brand Ambassadors play a key role in going into schools and teaching about surveying, often taking some of their equipment in to share… demonstrating what an interesting career choice surveying can be.

This month is the turn of our ‘Homework Project‘ campaign. Our Homework Projects are based around a certain geospatial theme (usually on one of our posters), that take a deeper dive into the subjects/skills required in the geospatial industry. These are much more in depth than our posters so great if the children wish to learn a few more surveying terms and knowledge!

School teachers can set this in class and are also great for parents to use as extra curricular study.

We are hoping to find sponsors for all 20 of our Homework Project titles, which will heavily feature your company character and equipment throughout. These can be tailored towards what your company do in the surveying industry. Can you help to provide free educational resources to the next generation? If that’s a big fat YES then you can check out more info here or email Erin on