GKiS Educational Materials

For those seeking further information about Get Kids into Survey… please read our introductory blog post below which highlights our main actions for industry:

At GKiS, our primary goal is to ignite a passion for geospatial exploration among the next generation. We believe that fostering this interest early on can lead to a future filled with innovative problem-solvers and experts in the field. That’s why we’re eager to collaborate with anyone who shares our enthusiasm for inspiring future geospatial experts. Together, we can make a significant impact on the future of surveying and geospatial sciences.

Our array of resources is designed specifically with young minds in mind, catering to children aged 8-12, a pivotal age for educational development. Accessible globally through our website’s Resources Page, these materials include engaging homework projects that seamlessly integrate surveying concepts with core school subjects, vibrant coloring sheets, informative posters covering various surveying topics, and the thrilling first chapter of the GeoSquad adventures in comic strip form, accompanied by quizzes for interactive learning experiences.

For those seeking deeper engagement, our 44-page Geospatial themed comic book offers an immersive journey with the GeoSquad characters, along with accompanying activities that encourage hands-on exploration. Join Maddison, Miles, Setsuko, and Kwame on an epic adventure to a future devoid of geo surveyors, and discover the importance of their work in shaping the world around us.

Among our most popular resources are our geospatial posters, each showcasing different surveying themes, from Civil Engineering to Environmental Disaster. These posters are complemented by detailed Q&A sheets, providing curious minds with opportunities to delve deeper into the intricacies of surveying. With over 20 options to choose from, educators and mentors can order these posters for free online, contributing to an enriched learning environment.

Our commitment to inspiring future geospatial experts extends beyond resource provision. Through our Brand Ambassador program and the newly launched Brand Ambassador Hub, individuals passionate about outreach and education can join a vibrant community dedicated to spreading awareness about surveying. By signing up as Brand Ambassadors, participants gain access to a plethora of resources, including interactive presentations, practical outreach sessions, engaging cartoons, and printable careers leaflets.

Brand Ambassadors are encouraged to engage with local communities, starting with their child’s school and expanding to larger platforms like careers fairs. These events provide invaluable opportunities for surveyors to showcase their expertise and inspire the next generation. With support from partners like Topcon, we’re continuously expanding our reach, aiming to empower more individuals to become ambassadors of geospatial education.

In our Classroom section, Brand Ambassadors can find ready-to-use resources, such as interactive presentations, practical outreach sessions, and customizable banner graphics, tailored to engage young learners effectively. Additionally, we welcome suggestions for new resource ideas, ensuring that our ambassadors have access to the tools they need to make a lasting impact on future geospatial experts. Join us in our mission to inspire and educate the geospatial leaders of tomorrow.