Diary of a Geospatial Marketer 18th March 2018

In our latest VLOG we talk about the, Get Kids into Survey campaign where we will be introducing the ALL NEW Smart Cities, the latest feature in our new poster which will go to production in time for the TopoDOT User Conference TUC! This time the poster will have new characters, including the TopoDOT sponsored dog, Piggle Wiggle. With more detail included in this latest poster kids will have to go and hunt down Piggle Wiggle, making it even more interactive for kids than ever before.

Get the low-down on our latest trip to Europe and the highlights of our Holland visit where we learn’t more about point cloud data and the civil side of surveying. Coming up we have a new copywriter that we’re trying as well as new blogs and research into how we get value, and extract money, out of our point cloud data.

Stay tuned… #GeospatialMarketer