Character Spotlight ‘Victoria State Government’

Introducing the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, who are found on the Australia custom poster:

Company nameDepartment of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

LocationVictoria, Australia

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey? Victoria has a shortage of licensed surveyors and this is a great opportunity to promote surveying to younger generations.

What do you do? While the Department is very broad in its scope, Land Use Victoria is focused on Land Administration, including maintaining the land title register and surveying and spatial information.

How long have you been in the Survey Industry? The Department includes Surveyor-General Victoria, a branch that has existed since 1851.

How did you get into the Industry? As a government agency our role is legislated.

Favourite piece of kit and why? Our laser scanners as they have great potential in cadastral/boundary surveying

Favourite Survey technique and why? The re-establishment of cadastral boundaries – it is of fundamental importance to the state of Victoria

Your website:

How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? Leeroy was chosen to highlight how surveying helps protect culturally significant heritage sites in Victoria. Leeroy is a heritage officer working in south-west Victoria at Budj Bim, a World Heritage listed site with eel traps and other relics dating back over 6500 years in the traditional Country of the Gunditjmara Aboriginal people.