Character Spotlight ‘UTSS’

Introducing UTSS! Our latest sponsor of the Intergalactic Power Problems Homework Project which you can find here.

  1.   Company Name–  Utility & Transmission Survey Solutions Ltd
  2.   Location– Midlands Based but work through the whole of the UK
  3.   Why is it important for your company to help Get Kids into Survey? There is a massive skill shortage within all aspects of our industry and getting Kids involved at an early age will hopefully bring a few on into survey in later life.
  4.   What do you do? We initially started within the energy sector looking at new build, rebuild and diversions of overhead powerlines providing the route corridor topographical detail, as well as designs for them. Following COVID we have diversified and included many survey types, from underground utility surveys, topo surveys, 3D laser scanning, UAV based surveys as well as swept route analysis surveys.
  5.   How long have you been in the survey industry? As UTSS ltd I’m in my 10th year
  6.   How did you end up getting into the geospatial industry? I was asked to be involved by a representative of one of my former employers due to my overhead power line knowledge and experience. So I set up the company and the rest is history as they say.
  7.   State a funny fact about you… apparently my skipping prowess is funny, but I’m not sure!
  8.   Favourite piece of kit and why? I always enjoy getting out the big UAV’s to undertake LiDAR based surveys, may be as I’m a big kid at heart.
  9.   Favourite Survey technique and why? Hmm not sure I have a favourite as they all have there place based upon what is being done and required.
  10. Your website
  11. How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? – The character is based on myself, Richard and my red working cocker, Amber, representing that the survey industry is an enjoyable place to be.