Character Spotlight ‘USQ’

Welcome to USQ who are our latest Character as seen in the Custom Australia Poster! Read more:

Company NameUniversity of Southern Queensland (USQ) School of Surveying and Built Environment

LocationBrisbane & Toowoomba

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey? The surveying industry needs more talented people from varied backgrounds to help the country run. USQ has been educating surveyors for 50 years and is the largest educator of surveyors in Australia. We need to play our part in showing what a rewarding career surveying can be.  We picked Zahra to represent us because she is an important member of the School and she embodies what we are trying to achieve.  


Let’s learn a bit more about Zahra!

  1.   What do you do? 

I am a lecturer at USQ and I teach students all about drones and satellite positioning  to help them become successful surveyors. 

  1.   How long have you been in the Survey Industry? 

Almost 12 years. I started my career as a land surveyor in a construction company in Iran where I was responsible for collecting and processing field data. After three years, I decided to continue studying and came to Australia to pursue my career as a lecturer and help others get into this exciting industry. 

  1.   How did you get into the Industry? 

I have been passionate about mapping and positioning since I was a kid, especially treasure maps, and had always loved to learn how to generate cool and useful maps.

  1.   Funny Fact about you.

I can make my drones dance😊.

  1.   Favourite piece of kit and why? 

Drones. I love a bird’s-eye view, plus they are fast, fun to fly, and have a lot of interesting applications.

  1. Favourite Survey technique and why?

GNSS (or Global Navigation Satellite System) or traditionally known as GPS. They can be used to map and locate features on the ground, air (e.g. drones, aircraft), water (e.g. ships), and even space (e.g. Satellites). 

  1. Your website
  1. How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name?

My character is me, Zahra and I am a passionate teacher who cares about her students and teaches them the latest survey techniques and technologies. As a female surveyor, my character would also like to encourage more girls into the surveying profession.