Character Spotlight “UPG”

Get Kids into Survey presents “UPG”

In today’s Character Spotlight, we discover a little more about one of GKiS’s awesome sponsors “UPG”.

Company Name:  UPG

Location:  Australia

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey?  Survey is a profession resulting in being educated in STEM subjects. It’s not well known and is a mix of those disciplines enacted in the real world.

What do you do?  Enable surveyors / geospatial professionals with the most practical and efficient technology solutions.

How long have you been in the Survey Industry?  UPG is part of The Herga Group and was founded in 1888 in Brisbane.  Between 1939 – 1945 Herga repaired instruments for the US forces at night.  In 1927 the group was appointed as the Australian Dealership for geodimeter.

How did you get into the Industry?  Surveying is one of the oldest professions and they need technology to perform their work

Funny Fact about the company? UPG the dynasty – Run now by a fourth generation Bright

Favourite piece of kit and why? Trimble TSC7. It’s the conductor of an orchestra of hardware solutions.

Favourite Survey technique and why? Integrated surveying. Ties in many hardware technologies with the TSC7.

Your website:

What is your character and why did you choose it? 

The Trimble SX10 & TSC7 aka ROBO & FLASH

The TSC7  solves the problems with its SX10 sidekick.

The TSC7 is the conductor of an orchestra or in this case – of the SX10.

The TSC7 is the newest play on a field controller taking it to next level of speed and capability.

The SX10 is next level productivity and combined with the TSC7 are an exciting duo of technology.

Cutting edge and best practice.