Character Spotlight ‘TSS’

Welcome to Total Surveying Solutions (TSS) the leaders of the latest custom Australia poster! Thank you Gary Dorn for answering this character spotlight:

Company Name – 


Location –

SYDNEY, Australia 

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey?


What do you do?

Inspire and lead a company of excellent surveyors to help them become the best in their field providing them the ability to make executive decisions to achieve their desired outcomes in their work 

How long have you been in the Survey Industry?

14yr (6uk + 8au)

How did you get into the Industry?

Luck. I didn’t know what a surveyor was when I fell into the procession, but my love of math, problem solving and attention to detail made the decision easy to keep pushing forward in this field. 

Funny Fact about you

I’m known as ‘uncle Tourette’s’ by the family. When I speak passionately about something I slip back to my native dialect and apparently swear a lot! 

Favourite piece of kit and why?

Trimble S8 hp. The sound it makes when taking a shot!  It’s the sound of precision. 

Favourite Survey technique and why?

Half and quarter (marking radius) and 3-4-5 (making sure it’s 90). Old school but never fails!! 

Your website

How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name?

Well, it’s my son Lucas and his dog Monty. Monty is TSS’s office dog also. He cheers everyone up. And Lucas. He cheers me up all the time!