Character Spotlight ‘Three Trees PR’

It’s time to introduce our brand new character 3T by our sponsor Three Trees PR! Let’s learn a bit more about them…

Company Name: Three Trees and a Map PR

Location: We’re based in Hampshire in the South of England (3T finds it a bit warm sometimes so we have to keep him supplied with ice lollies!) but work right across the world with friends as far away as Iceland in the North and Cyprus in the South, plus everywhere in between!

Why did you get involved in Get Kids Into Survey? Maps are awesome, we love them – from phone apps to treasure maps. But, maps are only as awesome as the people who put them together. It’s a great job that takes lots of skill. 

No matter how much technology changes, we will always need accurate information about people and places to tackle issues like climate change, poverty and disasters. Supporting the next generation of mapping experts is vital. We want to encourage kids who are passionate about making the world a better place to think about a career as a surveyor or mapping expert. Kids your planet needs you!

What do you do? We tell people how mapping and surveying can help solve world problems. Whether we’re writing news articles or speeches, designing animations or websites. spreading the word about the magic of mapping is at the heart of everything we do.

How long have you been in the survey industry? Oh gosh, now I’m worried I’m going to give away my friend Rhian’s age! Shhh don’t tell anyone but she’s been writing about surveying and mapping since 2000 – that’s more than two decades and lots and lots of new developments have taken place in that time. In fact, I think that’s why she likes her job so much, there’s always something new to write about from a changing landscape to cutting-edge technology like virtual reality and artificial intelligence.  

How did you get into the industry? I’m new to Three Trees and a Map. Elly helped Rhian to find me when they were talking about how surveying can help tackle climate change. That’s something very close to my heart because I don’t want to lose my home here in the beautiful Arctic. 

Rhian has always been passionate about the world around us and inquisitive about people and places. She became map mad when working at Ordnance Survey, Britain’s national mapping agency – I bet if you ask your teachers, you’ll be able to find some of their maps in your classroom!

Funny fact about you: I always wear a woolly hat – I think it makes me look cool. 

Favourite piece of kit and why? Did you know virtual reality (VR) is being used more and more in surveying, particularly to survey areas that aren’t very easy to get to on foot? I love VR. The glass are really cool and it’s great for helping bring geography to life so you can explore a place without having to go there (although visiting new places is also important if you want to be a surveyor!).

We also enjoy playing with map sandboxes. They’re a fantastic hands-on way to explore contours and elevations. The map (or topography as we call it) is projected onto the sand which you can pile up or squash down to explore the changes in the landscape.

Favourite survey technique: GPS survey equipment always make me feel like I’m in a sci fi movie. I can’t believe it connects me to satellites up in space so that people can find out where I am and make sure I’m safe.