Character Spotlight: Safety Apparel LLC

GKiS present’s “Safety Apparel LLC”

In today’s Character Spotlight, we discover one of Get Kids into Survey’s latest sponsors; Matthew Stansberry of Safety Apparel LLC.  Find out who is behind the character, why he got into Survey and why he is supporting GKiS.


Matthew Ryan Stansberry

Nick Name

Fubar (military acronym, don’t ask, haha)

Company Name



Woodway, Washington, USA (North of Seattle)


Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey?

I really wish I knew about surveying when I was younger, this program would  have been great!  Teaching kids for the future is very important!!

What do you do?

Surveyor, vest designer and construction contractor

How long have you been in the Survey Industry?

Since 2005

How did you get into the Industry?

Mitch Evans at Axis Survey and Map was a family friend and once I saw my other friends with machettes and a new job I was hooked

Funny Fact about you

I’m a hair farmer.  Been growing out my hair for kids with cancer since 1994 – see Wigs For Kids

Favourite piece of kit and why? fave tool?

Machete.  It means we are in the woods and surrounded by nature.  Also makes it interesting when getting lunch and your chief walks into the grocery with a giant blade hanging off his hip like it’s normal.  NOTHING TO SEE HERE, AND NO, IT’S NOT A CAMERA!

Favourite Survey technique and why?

So many I dont even know. What I love about surveying is being a MacGyver.  We are constantly having to adjust and make tools and other survey related items to get the job done.

Your website

Safety Apparel