Character Spotlight “Position Partners”

In today’s Character Spotlight, we discover a little more about one of GKiS’s awesome sponsors “Position Partners”.

Company Name – Position Partners

Location – Australia, New Zealand, Asia

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey? – We thought it was a great idea, well executed by Elaine and team! Kids don’t learn what surveyors do but they work with really cool technology so it was a great idea to promote the profession

What do you do? – Marketing Manager for Position Partners – we supply and support intelligent positioning solutions for the geospatial, construction and mining industries

How long have you been in the Survey Industry? – Our founding companies were brought to life more than 30 years ago. I’ve worked with geo technology suppliers for 13 years

How did you get into the Industry? Though the good fortune of meeting and working with Martin Nix

Funny Fact about you – I have a unique ability to memorise numbers but am hopeless at maths (I could never cut it as a surveyor!)

Favourite piece of kit and why? RPAS because who wouldn’t want to fly a remote control plane at work?

Favourite Survey technique and why? I don’t think I can comment on that, see fun fact above

Your website:

If you have a character; how did you choose and what does he/ she/ thing represent?  Mean to you? Plumb Bob the Koala because they are unique and worth protecting, like the survey profession!