Character Spotlight ‘On The Mark Land Surveying’

Meet our latest characters as seen on the Property Development poster- Duke and Teddy Survey Cats!

Company Name – On The Mark Land Surveying LLC

Location – Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey? We have been interested in GKiS since the inception! Owner Nolan Mark has always wanted to show support to those that are giving back and presenting new ideas to show kids and young people how surveying can be a rewarding career.

What do you do? On The Mark (OTM) Land Surveying, LLC is a land surveying firm built from the ideology to bring professionalism back to the forefront of the land surveying field. OTM provides our primary services to Northeast Indiana and Southcentral Michigan.

Our current clientele spans from engineering and architecture firms, utility companies, construction firms, attorneys for real estate and estate planning, and private homeowners. These clients are interested in our specialization in topographic surveys, easement and vacation exhibits, construction layout, as-built surveys, ALTA/NSPS land title surveys and boundary surveys.

How long have you been in the Survey Industry? 10 Years – Starting Surveying while in university but introduced to it 14 years ago.

How did you get into the Industry? Nolan was very interested in Engineering and specifically the Civil Engineering area. After spending two years studying Civil Engineering, Nolan quickly learned he wanted to do more hands-on work and less design work. Nolan switched into a Civil Engineering Technology degree and found surveying again as a career path.

Funny Fact about you – Nolan is terrified of heights, so the only way you’ll find him surveying up high is with a drone!

Favorite piece of kit and why? Scanners, drones, or digital levels. While the fundamentals are not changing, these pieces of kit show how important it is for surveyors to stay on top of changing technology.

Favorite Survey technique and why? Point cloud processing! While we got into surveying to get outdoors and play, it is amazing that you can go out to a job site, scan it, and then process the whole job in the office. Along with pieces of kit, surveying techniques to get the result are always changing and adapting, but the fundamentals behind the process remain!

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How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? Our characters are Duke and Teddy the Survey Cats! These two cats were recently adopted by Nolan and Shannon to bring into their house. They are 2 of 4 cats and 2 dogs that they own. It’s safe to say they love animals! Duke and Teddy also represent teamwork. While surveying can be done as a one-man shop, it is important to show that somewhere along the way someone needed to mentor or work together to learn and sharpen their skills. Mentoring will always be an important part of surveying and helping the next generation of surveyors learn!