Character Spotlight ‘Kompass BMS’

Welcoming Kompass BMS to the Get Kids into Survey team! Brand sponsors of the ‘Surveying in Space’ poster, let’s learn some more about them:

1. Company Name –
Kompass BMS
2. Location –
We’re based in the bustling city of London, UK. It’s a long way from my cozy nest on the cliffs, but I’ve learned to love the city life. We’ve also spread our wings with many of our clients over in the US and Canada. Quite the jet-setters, aren’t we?
3. Why is it important for your company to help Get Kids into Survey?
At Kompass, we believe that curiosity is the first step to great discoveries. Just like how I love to explore the skies and seas, we want to inspire kids to explore the world of surveying. By getting involved with Get Kids into Survey, we can help kids see how exciting and fun surveying can be, using cool technology to map out the world around them. Plus, we need bright young minds to keep the industry thriving. Who knows, maybe one of them will map out the next big puffin colony!
4. What do you do?
Kompass BMS is a business management software system specially designed for surveying and geospatial professionals. It’s like having a treasure map that shows you where everything is and how to get things done efficiently. Our software includes an intuitive dashboard, a robust CRM, project mapping, crew scheduling, timesheets, expense reporting, and real-time visibility. All these features help companies streamline their operations, improve collaboration, and manage their projects smoothly.
5. How long have you been in the survey industry?
We’ve been soaring through the survey industry for 10 years now. That’s a whole decade of mapping, exploring, and innovating!
6. How did you end up getting into the geospatial industry?
Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t always about high-tech gadgets and software. Our founders started with a simple love for maps and the great outdoors. After studying geomatics and getting hands-on experience in the field, they realized there was a need for better tools to manage surveying operations. And thus, Kompass BMS was born, designed to make the lives of surveyors easier and more efficient.
7. State a funny fact about you…
Oh, let me tell you a funny story! Once, I was out exploring the coast when I stumbled upon a group of surveyors. They were scratching their heads, looking quite lost. They had all this fancy equipment but no idea where to go. Turns out, they didn’t have a good business management tool to keep track of their projects.
I waddled over and offered to help. “Follow me,” I said, and with my trusty compass (I wonder why I love it so much! 😉), I led them through the tricky terrain. We navigated cliffs, swooped over valleys, and even dodged a few seagulls! With my compass and some good old puffin navigation skills, we got them back on track.

By the end of the day, not only did they find their way, but they also discovered the importance of having the right tools for the job. They were so grateful; they even named a landmark after me – Pippa’s Point! It was a day to remember, full of laughs and newfound friendships.

8. Favourite piece of kit and why?
Our favourite piece of kit is, of course, a compass! (I wonder why 😉 ) Just like us puffins who are expert navigators, a compass helps surveyors find their way and keep on track. It’s a timeless tool that never goes out of style, providing direction and guidance no matter where you are.

9. Favourite Survey technique and why?
We’re big fans of terrestrial laser scanning. It’s highly accurate and incredibly versatile, perfect for both detailed historical documentation and large-scale construction surveys. The 3D models it produces are invaluable for planning and analysis, making it an essential tool in our toolkit.

10. Your website:
11. How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name?
Meet me, Pippa the Puffin! Puffins are known for being expert navigators, resilient, and community-oriented—just like us at Kompass BMS. I symbolize our adventurous spirit and our commitment to making complex processes simple and accessible. My curious nature and love for exploration are traits we hope to inspire in the next generation of surveyors. Plus, let’s be honest, who can resist my charming beak and colourful feathers?