Character Spotlight ‘GeoBiro’

Let’s hear it for ‘GB’ the amazing character by GeoBiro! 

Company NameGeobiro Ltd

LocationBosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey? Educating children about surveying is very important for the survival of our profession. There is very little material for children in this industry. We want to be part of a team that will bring surveying closer to the younger population!

What do you do? We are mainly a surveying company. Our company provides various services and geospatial solutions for businesses worldwide. We offer services in the field of laser scanning (Point cloud registration, Scan to BIM, Scan to CAD) to companies around the world.

How long have you been in the Survey Industry? This year our company celebrates 30 years of existence. 

How did you get into the Industry? Geobiro is a family business, now in its second generation. For all of this time we have been trying to be market leaders and follow trends.

Funny Fact about youGeobiro has over 50 employees but one interesting fact: No employee is older than 40!

Favourite piece of kit and why? Laser scanner industry – They all have their advantages, I would not favor one 🙂

Favourite Survey technique and why? Laser scanning – With one device, we collect all the necessary data without the need for additional field trips. Virtual reality through laser scanning is becoming commonplace.

Your website (Available in multiple languages)

How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? Our character is a kind of robot that represents processes in our company. We have 3 departments in our company (3 hands), laser scanning, point cloud registration, 2D/3D deliveries. At the same time, it scans, processes point clouds and creates BIM ready models. That is the motto of our company – To take laser scanning data from our surveying clients and deliver excellence. We can call him GB (: