Character Spotlight ‘EveryPoint’

Introducing our latest sponsor EveryPoint! Check out their Homework Project here 

Company Name –  EveryPoint

Location –  Redmond, WA, USA

Why is it important for your company to help Get Kids into Survey?
We have been working in the geospatial industry for a long time and have seen the profession age without a lot of young people entering the industry. Working with survey and geospatial tools is fun and exciting! We believe kids need to be engaged with surveying concepts at an early age to know that surveying is an option for them. Also, the next generation will be using mixed reality tools which are built on geospatial information. Opportunities to grow in this industry have never been better!

What do you do? Our company, EveryPoint, makes software tools that uses photos of real things like trucks, trains, and piles of stuff and turns them into a digital version. Our tools help businesses by answering important questions like: “Is my train broken?” or “Has this big box been in my storage room for too long?” By getting answers to these questions, companies can work better and smarter.

How long have you been in the survey industry? We have been building tools for surveyors and geospatial professionals since 2011.

How did you end up getting into the geospatial industry? Our investors roots were in the geospatial industry and we saw an untapped potential to provide toolsets for non-geospatial companies. We were frustrated with complicated tools that only highly trained surveyors could use. For example, why couldn’t a dump truck driver scan a pile of rock to find out volume? We decided to change how businesses work by providing tools that non-geospatial professionals could use to solve business problems.

State a funny fact about you… Our company is almost entirely former musicians!

Favourite piece of kit and why? An iPhone! It may sound like a silly answer for surveying, however, it has a powerful combination of being a high resolution camera, computer, and internet communicator. We are able to deploy solutions to every person’s pocket within a company, making everyone a mini-surveyor.

Favourite Survey technique and why? Photogrammetry! Our roots have always been in image based solutions and we see a lot of potential for photogrammetry and a LiDAR data fusion. Taking the best of both worlds, we can make highly detailed digital twins.

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How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? Mean to you? What’s his/her name? We chose our team member Melissa Webster to be our character. She is a great role model for girls who want to work in technology. She is super smart AND a former collegiate softball athlete. We hope kids can relate to her and realise they too can work in this industry one day.