Character Spotlight ‘AOLS’

Introducing The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors special characters Geo and GeePS!

Company Name – Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS)

Location – the AOLS office is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with members located throughout the province. You can find the firm of an Ontario Land Surveyor at

Why did you get involved in Get Kids into Survey? I am being introduced to several careers while in high school. Few people know about careers in surveying, so I’m learning about surveying and sharing what I learn with others.

What do you do?  I am in a co-op placement program with a survey company. They have this cool GPS receiver named “GeePS”, who not only works with me to gather my location data but gives me information about surveying. Sometimes GeePS and I need to do a little research such as making sure that satellites are sending us the correct data.

How long have you been in the Survey Industry? I have been in land surveying for a short period as a student. GeePS says the AOLS was established in 1892 and that it is a self-governing association, responsible for the licensing and governance of professional land surveyors, in accordance with the Surveyors Act. The AOLS has a responsibility to ensure that the public interest comes first.

How did you get into the Industry? I learned about surveying from an Ontario Land Surveyor who came to our school to talk about what surveyors do.

Funny Fact about you: I love today’s technology, but sometimes, and you won’t believe this, I like to go off the grid and pretend I’m one of those pioneer surveyors with only an old Gunter’s chain and compass.

Favourite piece of kit and why? That’s a tough question, because there are so many cool tools in a surveyor’s toolbox and the technology is always changing. My smartphone is my favourite. Connected to the internet, it helps me communicate and make decisions all day long, giving my exact location and direction while letting me take photos and video.

Favourite Survey technique and why?  I like all survey techniques because I can help the surveyors who are working on different kinds of projects. I can get data from GeePS to make a map!

Your website:

How did you choose the character and what does he/she/it represent? GeePS needed a partner, so members of the AOLS imagined what my generation might look like working with GeePS, and here I am!

What’s his/her name?  Geo