Augusts Interesting Articles

Augusts Interesting Articles compiled by Erin Hull

Here is a collection of articles that our team have read this month which we thought you would like to read too!


Educating Children on Water Management:


Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA) is working to create a more sustainable future for water, working with schools to empower the next generation with the understanding of the water cycle. With the prospect of a more unpredictable water supply due to the effects of climate change, a strategy needs to be in place for when the city comes into difficulties. This will be achieved by working together with environmental, engineering, urban planning, socio-economic and organisational experts, along with institutional and industry stakeholders and citizens. One point is clear, we will all have to work together to create a sustainably managed water system and environmentally friendly city.

“Having a society that understands how ensuring good water quality in their local rivers and streams begins in their house, backyard, and street, and are knowledgeable of the current problems across the water sector, could be the key for securing the UK’s water future.” Read more on why it is important to educate the next generation on water based issues.


Young Workforce Initiative for Geospatial Skills


“From satnavs to smartphones, location data underpins almost all our everyday activities making geospatial research a valuable industry that informs many billions of pounds of global investment. Whilst the sector offers endless career prospects, it is hampered by a low profile, particularly among secondary school pupils, and subsequently a shortage in skills and workforce.”

The Spatial Information Service (SIS) is working in partnership with West Lothian Council and geospatial software provider ESRI UK. Made especially for 15 to 16 year olds this young workforce initiative provides a hands on approach to fundamental geospatial skills at secondary school level. Targeting children whilst they are in school (like our Get Kids into Survey initiative for primary school pupils) could encourage a greater uptake of advanced study and future careers in the industry! Click here to read more about this interesting initiative.


Surveying in Crime Scene Investigation!


With the release of Get Kids into Survey CSI lesson plan last week, this article is rather on topic. 

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Do people perceive surveying as just measuring points around buildings? Because that is definitely NOT the case! As the police describe, the Leica Geosystems BLK360 massively helps to speed up the investigation process as the scene can be captured in such detail before any of it is disturbed. This data can then be revisited months, even years down the line if the case were to bring another question to light. As Russ Gardner explains, recording a scene in this way instead of using traditional photographic and videography ways, the data can be used to explore a witnesses viewpoint or track the height of a bed. Leaving a much more accurate representation and many more possibilities to work out the truth of a crime.

In the article South Wales Police describe how the use of the 3D reality capture has been useful in two scenarios, a buried victim and an in-vehicle murder! An interesting read for those who are excited by forensics, find it here


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