A Bit About Impulse Radar

Let’s learn some more about our latest sponsors of the ‘Civil Engineering’ poster re-prints! Introducing Impulse Radar:

A bit about your company?

ImpulseRadar develops and builds ground penetrating radar (GPR) instruments and related software, enabling people and organisations to investigate and map subsurface features and structures non-invasively. We provide mapping and geospatial solutions for underground utility assets and infrastructure, cultural resources, and transportation infrastructure. Rather than simply being a manufacturer of GPR, we categorise ourselves as a geomatics company focusing on subsurface imaging and mapping solutions using GPR as the core technology.


Why are you supporting the Get Kids into Survey initiative?

This initiative is a great way to provide early exposure and education to help young people gain a better idea and understanding of different career options. The modern survey and geospatial industry offer exciting opportunities that may otherwise be missed, so we support introducing kids to these early.


Key piece of advice for someone wanting to get into the geospatial industry?

Prepare yourself technically, professionally, and personally. Learn the key fundamentals for your area of interest. Remember that technology develops fast, so stay on top of key industry developments via blogs, online magazines, social media, and following technology manufacturers. While you cannot be expected to start with every skill needed, there are plenty of resources to help you improve, especially via industry associations. If newly graduated, emphasise relevant course work and boost your skills with free online courses. Be curious and open-minded to new opportunities, and show a genuine interest in the industry.