10 Reasons Why you Need a Comic Book

10 Reasons Why you Need the GEOSQUAD Comic Book in your Life:

1- The GeoSquad help to teach kids (and adults) about the types of jobs surveyors do. Help your kids understand what you do for a living!

2- Learn just how important surveyors are – involved in so many workings of the world.

3- Surveyors are the superheroes. Hype up your profession!

4- It’s not just a comic – there’s also 10 amazing fun activities to have a go at.

5- It includes five incredible chapters of comic action.

6- Feel like a kid again and enter the world of superheros!

7- You’ve read the first chapter in the industry magazines and need to find out what happens in the story.

8- You’ll be helping to educate the next generation of industry specialists.

9- It is a limited edition first edition copy – a must have collectors item of the future!

10- Share the love with local scout groups or school libraries so more children have access to read it.

Pictures of the team with the new comic books, we would love to see yours… tag them to #GetKidsintoSurvey