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Sponsorship SHOW OFFER

*Special show bonus for all sponsors = video interview for social media channels!*

New Sponsor = £1,695 / $2,120 for a Homework Project and Character – plus character spotlight blog on the GKiS website.

Existing Sponsor = £1,395 / $1,745 for a completely bespoke Homework Project for your company.

Support our mission by creating a Homework Project resource based on the topics that your company decides… from coding, specialised technology or map reading the options are endless.

Homework Projects come with 5 tasks and complementary worksheets, all written by our teacher Mat and designed by our cartoonist!

Aimed at children 8-12 years old these projects can be easily accessible worldwide, and printed free of charge at anyone’s home/workplace.

See some of our amazing Homework Projects on our website, your company could be next to join the GKiS family.

UK and Europe Re-Print distribution SHOW OFFER

£950 for 1,000 re-prints of 1 of our geospatial posters

£1,900 for 3,000 re-prints of 2 types of our geospatial posters

There’s a choice of up to 20 posters to choose from! With each funding option your company receive:

  • A box of 50 posters delivered to you
  • High profile coverage across social media platforms – Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram
  • Blog article on behalf of your company on our website
  • Logo included on the poster “Kindly reprinted by…” as a stamp like add on
  • ‘Get Kids into Survey Sponsor’ electronic logo material for social media and website posts, helping you to let your customers, clients and the industry know that you are investing in the future of geosurvey!
  • Q&A and Homework Project have been created that redirects kids and teachers back to the poster.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Are you passionate about the industry that you work in? Do you want to encourage others to learn a bit more about what being a surveyor is like?

Why not join our Brand Ambassador network of volunteers who go to local outreach events with the help of our Brand Ambassador Resources!

Currently standing at nearly 200 strong… We are about to embark on a new community HUB which should provide greater support for all present and future ambassadors. As well as new content generated monthly to give more outreach options!

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