Top Benefits Of Becoming A Sponsor

Unsure of the benefits of becoming a sponsor? Or are you questioning if it is worth it? Join this lovely bunch of sponsors in 2021 as we introduce new resources and exciting new projects, all requiring your help!


Top benefits of becoming a sponsor

1- Brand exposure in front of thousands of people!

Get Kids into Survey has support from all around the world, from our 3 amazing distributors in the UK, Australia, and the US; To the over 50,000 survey-loving people worldwide who have one of our physical posters! We also have an amazing network of Brand Ambassadors who take our resources and promote them/the industry in front of hundreds of school children. Every time someone sees your character they will notice your logo and be able to recognize that as they grow older. So much exposure and fun to be had with team GKiS!

2- Become part of the GKiS family

Being a part of the GKiS family and networking within our community is a great way to get yourself known. We have so many connections which are continuously growing all over the world too. Our Brand Ambassadors also help, get involved by taking the resources you help to produce, for local schools, events, and local organizations, etc. In turn, this has started to build our educational community, more so this year with the release of more lesson-based plans and activities. Here’s hoping we can get back to the in-person conferences later this year where we can all start interacting

3- Help provide FREE resources that kids will enjoy

One positive about our materials being free to access for kids, is that absolutely anyone can access them no matter what their financial situation. These resources are continually being expanded and recently lesson plans have been added when lockdown hit so that parents had something for their kids to do at home. These resources all link back to the posters that your sponsored character appears on. It is your sponsorship money that makes this happen!

4- Build momentum, start small with BIG consequences

There is a huge lack of career advice and awareness on Surveying, so help educate parents, children, and the general joe blogs at a local level. If we don’t stand up and start to build momentum now, companies are going to be in bigger trouble long term with a lack of surveyors (it is already happening).  Businesses poaching staff members and further disruption all around.  Not a nice situation to be in when you are trying to run a profitable business.

“In 2018, there were 55,000 chartered surveyors in the UK, either employed or self-employed. This number has fallen from 63,000 in 2011” Source/ Credit Macdonald and Company. 

5- Marketing material with a cartoon character 

Our very own cartoonist will create a character of your choice. Have a look at all of our character spotlights here (Latest Blogs – Get Kids Into Survey) for an insight into other companies’ ideas! We love those who really take on their character and write from their perspective. Something that can be incorporated into your own marketing material to capture people’s interest.

GKiS also shows your soft side and builds a unique picture of your business.  Look at Trent Keenan at Diamondback Land Surveying, he is so passionate about getting kids into Survey, he has sponsored the local Nascar – this not only promotes the profession but raises his profile as a Surveyor in his area!

Land Surveying Is A Great Profession, But Why Don’t Young People Know That?” POB Magazine


6- YOU are helping to save the industry and hiring crisis!

Let’s be honest, the surveying industry will slowly die out if younger people aren’t being recruited or interested in joining the industry. By being a sponsor you are directly helping with gaining exposure to what we do, so children understand and recognize this as a career option. The more we capture a child’s interest, the more likely they are to consider this in later life. Keeping surveying on the radar!! The baby boomer generation is retiring and with the average age of a surveyor globally at 55 this is very concerning.  GKiS is a long-term strategy that was started in November 2017! It is an industry that we cannot afford to lose.


Don’t Miss out!  Be part of the movement to Get Kids into Survey!

We are focussing on Homework Projects as our current campaign.  There will be a couple based on each of the collectible posters for Surveyors, parents, and kids to have a go at. These dive deeper into the knowledge behind the things going on in the posters, so much more to learn. Moving forwards we are going to put a lot of emphasis on promoting our current sponsors, so it will have a double whammy; Get kids into Survey and promote your brand as one of the main companies that helped raise the profile and Get Kids into Survey!  

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